“Rachel has given me the ability to move my business forward knowing I can trust that the daily responsibilities are being addressed with the highest level of professionalism. Her skills set are exactly what I needed to help move things forward with a small, online company serving patients with chronic medical issues. She is prompt, trustworthy, and not afraid to ask questions or handle issues independently. I have been very happy with her work and assistance.”

Dawn M. Christensen, MS, FNP-BC, ACNP-BC
Innovative Program Solutions, LLC
Small business owner and COO of MyLVAD.com


“When I reached out to Rachel for help, I was incredibly stressed out by the ever-growing size of my inbox. Every email felt important, and I had no system in place for processing and managing messages efficiently. Not only did Rachel help me get things under control, she was also friendly to work with, thoughtful, and very organized. I’m still learning how to manage my email time (not perfect yet), but I can breathe easy now that Rachel is helping me with it.”

Claire Suellentrop, Founder


“I have enjoyed seeing the ruthless effectiveness that Rachel brought to take control of one of our main email inboxes. Having her onboard means we still have great customer service and we have more time to work on our business.”

Eric, GroCycle.com


“Rachel filled a void in my company that I didn’t even know was there. She took a real sense of ownership in the company; she understood the product and the brand, and I saw her apply that to every piece of work she did for us.”

Jonathan Cotton, Owner/Operator


“Working with Rachel was such a wonderful experience. She was professional, easy to work with and provided quality work that exceeded my expectations.”

Heather Gillis Author/Blogger


“I cannot recommend Rachel highly enough. She quickly grasps the nuances of complicated business protocols and understands how to provide administrative support to those practices. Most impressively, she was able to anticipate my need and preferences within a matter of weeks. While this, of course, took some communication on my part, I was impressed at the speed at which she assimilated the information, adapted to my workflow, and the consistency with which she delivered results. I am so pleased to see her start her own business as she truly has an entrepreneurial spirit and understands the ownership people take in their businesses.”

Lisa Mangum
Former Edward Jones Representative