Need a proactive and organized Virtual Assistant?

You’ve come to the right place!

Welcome! I’m Rachel Severns – an organized, detailed and task oriented gal living in Alaska. My passion lies in helping other small business owners grow their businesses and accomplish their biggest goals.

If you’re currently feeling overwhelmed – Let me help!

  • Are you having trouble keeping up with all of your business’ daily tasks?
  • Or find that your to-do lists only grow?
  • Or maybe you feel that the urgent (but not important) is keeping you from doing what you do best?

Here are a few things I can do to free you up:

1. Email ManagementLet me sort, file, archive and answer emails for you to help you hit (and maintain) inbox zero on a regular basis. If you constantly find yourself distracted by incoming messages, you’re probably not as productive as you could be! Curious how we’ll go about tag-teaming your inbox? Check out this post I wrote on managing client email!

2. Content ManagementI will proofread, edit and publish your newest blog post or other written material. I’m familiar with the backend of WordPress and can manage your editorial calendar, ensuring your site is consistently updated with new content. And how about image creation? I’ve got that covered too!

3. Customer SatisfactionInstead of hiring a customer service rep, allow me to represent your “Customer Happiness” department. And if you’re currently doing it yourself, you’re probably leaving money on the table (not to mention taking on undue stress).

4. Organization/Admin Tasks –If you’re like most small business owners, you probably don’t find tracking expenses, creating shipping labels or prioritizing tasks to be your favorite hobbies. But I do and would love to take some of these tedious tasks off of your plate!

Rates Start at:
Email management $40/hour

Other tasks $35/hour

So what are you waiting for?

Get in touch and let’s prioritize a few quick wins for your business.

Working with me can help you to make more money OR spend more time at home with your family. And who doesn’t want that?